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Myths and Legends of Raptors - All Ages

60 Minutes

Birds have been an integral part of the human experience since the dawn of time. In many cultures, birds are believed to have played key roles in the creation of the human race. Raptors, as a group, still continue to fascinate people with their hunting skill, strength, and beauty. Join The Raptor Center in exploring some of the myths and legends associated with raptors. Do owls really carry mail? Can owls really rotate their heads 360 degrees? Which cultures believe that birds can be used to foretell the future? Is an owl a sign of good things to come, or not?

Students will learn about the positive and negative impact humans have on our environment and will be inspired by some of our greatest environmental success stories, such as those of the peregrine falcon and bald eagle. Students will learn about The Raptor Center and its important role in protecting raptors and the world we share. Everyone will leave feeling inspired and empowered having learned specific things they can do to help protect raptors and the environment.

Program highlights

  • At least one raptor education specialist
  • At least three raptors, such as eagle, hawk, owl, or falcon (Bald eagle programs include a bald eagle and three additional raptors.)
  • Hands–on teaching tools such as feathers, wings, skulls, and feet
  • Interactive questions

Programs can be modified to meet specific learning objectives upon teacher request.

A group size of 45 or less provides the best educational experience. Larger groups can be accommodated with some program modifications.

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