• CVM2 - image - 690x350 - icomos panelists

    Nobel Laureate Dr. Peter Agre, JHMRI, addresses audience with panelists

    The inaugural iCOMOS was held on the Twin Cities Campus of the University of Minnesota (April 27-30, 2014) and was an overwhelming success.

    Looking forward to iCOMOS-2016

  • cvm2 - image - 690x350 - horses

    Box elder trees linked to fatal disease

    Horse lovers, veterinarians, and scientists alike have long wondered why horses put out to pasture in the fall are so prone to contracting a deadly muscle disease that can kill the animals within days.

  • CVM2 - image - 690x350 - porcine virus story

    U of M researchers unveil nation’s first porcine virus rapid detection test

    The first-of-its-kind test, which is available now, provides a way to quickly and cost-effectively identify the presence of U.S. PEDV strains.

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