Comparative Medicine Signature Program Request for Applications 2015

Program Criteria

1. Individual Principal Investigators or teams of investigators within or across departments at the CVM that demonstrate a research emphasis in Comparative Medicine
2. Collaborations across AHC schools are encouraged, although no funds may be transferred outside of the CVM
3. Have high potential to be translated to medicine and to be leveraged towards significant extramural funding

Up to $180,000 is available to fund projects of 1-2 years duration with an anticipated start date of June 1, 2015. Research Projects with a potential for high impact with budgets not exceeding $75,000 will be considered.

A two page pre-proposal (1-inch margins, 11-point Arial font) that includes specific aims, project participants and an estimated level of funding to be requested should be submitted via email by February 16, 2015 to as a PDF with "Comparative Medicine Pre-proposal" in the subject line. The specific aims should include a rationale and a concise description of the project plans. It should also include a brief summary of preliminary data if applicable.

Specific Areas of Emphasis

1. Priority will be given to projects that adopt an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to research by establishing a team comprised of members from 2-3 of the academic departments with the College of Veterinary Medicine, namely VCS, VPM, and VBS.
2. Priority will be given to projects that combine the expertise of both clinician (DVM or MD) and basic scientist.
3. Priority will be given to projects that support new or expanding teams engaged in interdisciplinary research.
4. Priority will be given to projects that demonstrate a high potential for future external funding.

For additional details regarding Comparative Medicine Signature Program priorities, please visit:

Successful pre-proposal applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal by March 2, 2015. The full proposal must be submitted by April 2, 2015.

Full Proposal Guidelines:
A.Project Outline Cover Pages.
B. Descriptive Abstract (400 words) and list of Investigators
C. Background and Significance
D. Strategic Positioning: Describe how the proposed project will advance the goals of the Comparative Medicine program and in the College of Veterinary Medicine One Medicine, One Science Initiative.
E. Integrative Approach: If the proposal involves a team of investigators, briefly describe the unique skills of the team, how the teams will work together and how the partnership will strengthen and expand the Comparative Medicine Program and One Medicine/One Science Initiative.
F. Plan: Objectives and Detailed Approach
G. Potential Impact: Include details on how this project will support a future competitive application for extramural funding. Note potential impact on animal and human health as well as unique advantages and possible liabilities of the proposed system as compared to other established models that study the same problem.
H. Funding Plan: Describe plans for future external funding or a sustainability plan.
I. Bibliography
J. Biographical Sketches: Provide a 2-page NIH-style or comparable biosketch for each investigator.
K.Categorical Budget with detailed budget justification (include all paid and unpaid personnel with paragraph explaining specific role/contribution to project and detailed categories for supplies, reagents, animal care, etc.) Travel is allowable only if required to complete research. Please note that faculty salary is not allowed. Computers and/or equipment only allowed to extent they are specifically required for this project.
L. Assurances: provide information regarding submission or approval to IACUC (if animals are involved), IRB (if human subjects are involved) and IBC (if recombinant DNA technology or biohazardous materials are involved). All participating personnel are required to have current training in laboratory and chemical safety.
The main proposal text (sections C-G) must not exceed 6 pages single-spaced (1-inch margins, 11-point Arial font).

Criteria for Evaluation:

1. Identification of a clear plan for external funding or a sustainability plan.
2. Must address key issues in Comparative Medicine and be well justified.
3. Well-defined aims, feasible approach, and a sound scientific plan.
4. A clear timeline with a reasonable budget and budget justification.

Other requirements:
1. Previous Signature Program awardees must submit a 1 page report summarizing the outcomes and accomplishments of their previous award(s). 
2. Any pending proposals with overlap of work must be clearly indicated. 
3. Funding awardees must work with the CVM Office of Communications (Laurie Brickley) to develop strategies to publicize their research.
Send an electronic copy as one document in PDF to and a signed paper copy to the Research Office (440 VMC).
For more specific questions about Comparative Medicine Signature Program priorities or this particular funding opportunity, please contact the CVM Research Office 624-2744.
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