Seminar Series

College of Veterinary Medicine Research Seminar 
Spring 2014 Schedule

3:00 p.m.
135 Animal Science/Veterinary Medicine Building
1988 Fitch Avenue
St. Paul campus

All are invited, Refreshments Available.

When permissible all seminars are recorded.  View past lectures.


Fore more information, contact Jessica via e-mail ( or by calling 612-624-3002.

January 22

Dr. Isabella Cattadori  - “Causes of Host Heterogeneity to Infection and Transmission"
Department of Biology
Eberly College of Science
Penn State University
University Park, PA

Population Systems Signature Program Invited Speaker

Dr. Meggan Craft

January 25

Dr. Rebecca Bellone - “Sighting the Genetic Cause of Leopard Complex Spotting and Congenital Stationary Night Blindness in Horses”
Department of Biology
The University of Tampa
Tampa, Florida

Equine Center Invited Speaker

Dr. Jim Mickelson

February 5


February 12

Dr. George  Stewart - “Composition and Assembly of the Outer Spore Layers of Bacillus anthracis: The More We Learn, the Less We Know”
Department of Veterinary Pathobiology
University of Missouri
Columbia, Missouri

VBS Invited Speaker

Host: Dr.Yinduo Ji

February 26

Dr. Brad A. Bryan - “From Genomics to Translational Medicine: Developing effective therapies against malignant vascular tumors”
Department of Biomedical Sciences
Texas Tech University
Health Sciences Center, School of Medicine

VCS Invited Speaker

Host: Dr. Erin Dickerson 

March 5

Dr. Elise Lamont - "Generation of Single-Chain Variable Fragments Against Swine-Origin Influenza Hemagglutinin using Yeast Phage Display"
Department of Veterinary Population Medicine
University of Minnesota
Post Doctoral Program
Dr. Venkatramana Divana Krishna Bhat - "Role of Japanese Encephalitis Virus NS1 protein in protective immunity and immunopathology"
Department of Veterinary Population Medicine
University of Minnesota
Post Doctoral Program

March 12

Dr. Jason Bjork - "CRML Biomaterials"
Department of CRML Biomaterials
3M Corporate Research Center
St. Paul, Minnesota

CMB Graduate Program Invited Speaker

March 26

Dr. Joshua Aman - "Abnormal muscle recruitment strategies in equine shivers: An electromyographical analysis of hind limbs during forward and backward gait"
School of Kinesiology
Center for Movement Disorders
University of Minnesota

Post Doctoral Program

Dr. Kamol Suwannakarn - "Genome Variations of swine influenza subtypes H1N1 and H1N2: pre- and post- 2009 flu pandemic"
Department of Veterinary Population Medicine
University of Minnesota

Post Doctoral Program

April 2

Dr. Gayatri Vendatam - "Clostridium difficile infection: new insights into an old pathogen"
Dept. of Veterinary Science and Microbiology
The University of Arizona
Tuscon, Arizona

VPM Invited Speaker

Dr. Srinand Sreevatsan

April 9

Dr. Randall Singer - "Human salmonellosis attributable to poultry: a disconnect between science, policy, regulation, and the public's expectations"

Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
University of Minnesota

VMED Graduate Program Invited Speaker

April 23

Dr. Y.S. Prakash - "Sex, Steroids, and Lung Disease"
Department of Anesthesiology
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, Minnesota

Comparative Medicine Invited Speaker

Host: Dr. Mathur Kannan

May 7

Please note: The location of this seminar is 125 AnSci/VetMed

Dr. Steve Foley
Office of Regulatory Affairs/Arkansas Regional Laboratory
United States Food and Drug Administration
Jefferson, Arkansas

VBS Invited Speaker

Dr. Tim Johnson




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