Prerequisite Changes

University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine
Prerequisite course changes for the D.V.M. program effective term fall 2016

The University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) will be changing D.V.M. prerequisite course requirements for applicants applying fall semester 2015, seeking admission to fall semester 2016. Changes to prerequisites are as follows:

  • Addition of one statistics course (3-5 credits)
  • Laboratory no longer required for organic chemistry I
  • Laboratory no longer required for physics I and physics II
  • Reduction of liberal education requirements from four courses to three courses (for a total of 9 to 12 credits). Liberal education courses will no longer need to focus on social science/history and arts/humanities. Instead, any class designated as a liberal education course by the applicant's primary undergraduate institution or any class counted towards the liberal education degree requirements at the applicant's primary undergraduate institution.

Candidates applying fall semester 2014, seeking admission to fall semester 2015, will follow the current prerequisite course requirements as found in Table I. Candidates applying fall semester 2015, seeking admission to fall semester 2016, will follow the updated course requirements as found in Table II. Table III lists the approved prerequisites at the University of Minnesota, for students applying fall semester 2015, for admission to fall semester 2016.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My college offers courses like organic chemistry and physics with a lab. I cannot take them separately or receive separate grades for the course and the lab. Is this OK?
A. Yes, we understand that some colleges and universities combine the class and lab into one. In this case, we will consider the combined grade in an applicant’s prerequisite GPA. Applicants do not need to ask for a grade in just the classroom portion if their university offers the classroom and lab as one course.

Q. Will it be viewed favorably if I take the lab, offered separately at my college, anyway?
A. The lab course, if offered separately, will not be counted in an applicant’s prerequisite GPA considered for admission. However, the knowledge gained in the laboratory component can complement the classroom component. We recommend you check with the course instructor and/or your academic advisor for your college’s recommendations, as each college and university is different.

Q. Current prerequisite course requirements require liberal education courses to be taken in two focus areas: social science / history and arts / humanities. The updated prerequisite requirements no longer have these categories. Can you explain further?
A. We are changing our focus in order to better meet the needs of our applicants. The updated liberal education requirements will no longer focus solely on social science / history and arts / humanities, though students may still take courses in these categories. The updated requirements are intended to better align with the liberal education courses many applicants already take to meet their undergraduate degree requirements.

Q. Will exceptions be granted?
A. No. The CVM is announcing these changes well in advance in an effort to give applicants adequate time to prepare accordingly. It is up to each applicant to ensure they are taking the appropriate prerequisite courses. We encourage applicants to check in often with their undergraduate advisor and/or the admissions staff at the CVM.

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