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Facility Information

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 Barenscheer Arena 

EC arena pic

Upcoming Events:

Jennifer Truett
Biomechanics of Riding Clinic

December 11-12

Paul Belasik Dressage Clinic
November 21-22


  •  80 x 180 climate controlled 
  • footing is a blend of sand, cedar chips and fabric

  • can be divided in half

  • equipped with a state of the art sound system with wireless microphones

  • stadium seating for 99 and room to fit additional seating for more than 300 spectators

The Barenscheer Arena has been host to events like the Unwanted Horse Trainers Challenge, Jumping and Dressage clinics, Giddy-up Horsemanship Camp, and the Healing Touch for Animals trainings.

For more information, call 612 624 1542 or email cvmumec@umn.edu


EC symposium pic

teaching pic


Nutrena Conference Center

EC confrence center pic

The Nutrena Conference Center is an ideal meeting place for conferences, dinners, and seminars. The room can be used as a whole or divided in half. Each side is equipped with an LCD projector, laptop hook-up, internet access, and sound system. The room has rolling tables and chairs, allowing for a flexible configuration.  The full room seats up to 80 participants at tables or up to 200 without.

For more information, call 612 624 1542 or email cvmumec@umn.edu




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