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All Services at the University of Minnesota Equine Center are delivered by a team.  Each team consists of a Board Certified specialist, a resident, an intern, a veterinary technician, and students.  For detailed information on our team approach, click here.


The surgical team sees horses with signs of lameness, poor performance, lacerations, airway noise, fractures, or an animal needing arthroscopy, laparoscopy, or general surgery.  The surgical team also works with Kyla Awes, D.C. to offer chiropractic services, where needed.

Diagnostic tools include; radiography, bone scans, MRI, force plate, gait analysis, ultrasound
EC Surgery Pic


There is a team of veterinarians and technicians available twenty-four hours a day for all urgent care.

Diagnostic tools include; Anderson sling support, MRI, air-pillow recovery

EC Surgery Picture


The medical team sees foals and horses with signs of fever, coughing, weight loss, lethargy, abnormal gum color, masses, abnormal urination, diarrhea, and neurologic conditions causing loss of coordination.

 Diagnostic tools include; biopsy, endoscopy, heart monitor

EC Medicine Picture


The medical team sees horses with any eye diseases or in need of eye surgery.
Click here for an article on Equine ASD.

Diagnostic tools include;

EC Ophtho Picture

Ambulatory Services

provided by our  West Metro Clinic 


Team of veterinarians sees horses with reproductive problems.

EC Therio Picture

 Rehabilitation and Conditioning

The rehabilitation team works with horses recovering from injuries or looking for conditioning benefits

Therapies include; aquapacer, high speed treadmill, ultrasound, shockwave therapy, neuromuscular electrical stimulation

 EC Rehab Picture

Veterinary Social Services

Grief counseling, financial consulting

EC Social Work Picture

Euthanasia/End of Life

Cremation services, memorial opportunities




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