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Clinicians and Staff

Congratulations to Sue Loly, CVT, VTS (AAEVT) for being the first Minnesota Vet Tech
to become a member of the academy of Equine Veterinary Nursing Technicians!

Senior Clinicians are Board-Certified Veterinarians (requires 3 or more years of rigorous training and testing in a specialty area)
Clinicians are veterinarians either working towards board certification or in a specialty focused internship.

INTERNAL MEDICINE:  includes critical care (colic, wound care, all emergency situations), neonatal care, respiratory disease, digestive disorders, neurologic conditions, muscle disorders, infectious disease and rehabilitation therapy

CVM UMEC Valberg pic  Dr. Stephanie Valberg, Dipl. ACVIM, ACVSMR  Senior Clinician 

CVM UMEC McCue pic  Dr. Molly McCue, Dipl. ACVIM  Senior Clinician

CVM UMEC Ward pic  Dr. Christie Ward, Dipl. ACVIM  Senior Clinician

CVM UMEC Firshman pic  Dr. Anna Firshman, Dipl. ACVIM, ACVSMR  Senior Clinician


Dr. Rafaella Teixeira, Clinician

Dr. Alexandra Draper, Clinician

Dr. Kate O'Conor, Clinician

Dr. Sian Durward-Akhurst, Clinician


SURGERY: includes general surgery, laparoscopy, lameness examinations, orthopedics including arthroscopy and fracture repair, performance evaluations, pre-purchase examinations

CVM UMEC Trumble pic  Dr. Troy Trumble, Dipl. ACVS  Senior Clinician

CVM UMEC Ernst pic  Dr. Nicolas Ernst, Dipl. ACVS  Senior Clinician

CVM UMEC Trent pic  Dr. Micky Trent, Dipl. ACVS  Senior Clinician

CVM UMEC Malone pic  Dr. Erin Malone, Dipl. ACVS  Senior Clinician

Dr.Mary Boyce, Dipl. ACVS  Senior Clinician

Dr. Jose Mendez, Clinician

Dr. Rolf Modesto, Clinician

Dr. Dane Tatarniuk, Clinician


CVM UMEC Madill pic  Dr. Scott Madill, Dipl. ACT  Senior Clinician



Veterinary Technicians

Sheryl Ferguson, CVT, VTS (LIAM)
Sue Loly, CVT
Paul Weinand, CVT
Michelle Briese,CVT
Heather Loehrer
Jennifer Olson, CVT
Sue Hartley,CVT
Amanda Kiger, CVT
Molly Beyer, CVT

Sonja Field, CVT

Maggie McQuestion, CVT
Donna Groschen, CVT
Darcy DeCrescenza, CVT
Kayla Ross, CVT


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