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Designed specifically for the professional equine trainer
and knowledgeable horse owner.

All lectures and labs are free and will run from 7pm to 9pm.
Labs may restrict attendance to those registered if attendance is high.


March 23rd

Equine Vision: what they see and what you don't!

This lecture will cover a horse's vision, common eye diseases
and have an interactive session on the anatomy
and veterinary evaluation of the eye.

Dr. Kerry Kuhle
 Click here for Dr. Kuhle's presentation
Click here for Dr. Kuhle's handout

March 30th

Rhythm and Balance: where does it come from and how does it go wrong?

Rhthym is key to most equine disciplines.
This talk will discuss how a horse's neuromuscular system generates rhythm
and highlight diseases that affect rhythm and balance in horses.

Dr. Stephanie Valberg, ACVIM, PhD.
Click here for Dr. Valberg's presentation


April 6th

Pre-purchase Exams: What you need to know and what to expect

This talk will explain the types of pre-purchase examinations available
based on today's technology, your budget and your expectations.
Answers to what the veterinarian is thinking, what they are able to tell you
and what you should walk away with.

Dr. Nicolas Ernst, ACVS


April 13th

Under the Skin: The Anatomy of the Horse

Dr. Christie Ward, ACVIM


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Introduction to the Horse is an online course with 15 modules now offered through the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Equine Center.  The course is a "go at your own pace" style with the option to take 3 in person labs at the equine center to have live horse interaction in addition to the online modules.  The course covers all the basics for the novice horse owner or for those thinking about getting involved with horses.  Topics include: basic anatomy, nutrition, health issues, behavior (common and problem), breeds and colors, horse personalities, safety around horses, leading, grooming, lunging and groundwork with a horse, tack and natural horsemanship.  Labs are offered once per month to allow students the experience of actually observing and working around horses.

Cost of this course is $99 for the online portion.  To attend the in person labs, an additional $50 fee is charged.  Register for the course and the lab separately.








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