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Risk Assessment

This Risk Assessment is for horse owners who suspect that their horse has or has had Seasonal Pasture Myopathy.  Please fill out the survey and click "Submit" below.  If you wish to determine your horses' potential risk for SPM and how to minimize that risk, please click here.

Those owners who complete the survey for currently suspected cases will be contacted promptly by a University of Minnesota veterinarians for further information and samples if appropriate.

*Please note that this survey does not replace emergency or on-site veterinary attention.  If you feel that your horse is sick or otherwise distressed, please have your horse seen be a veterinarian.

Owner Name

Owner City and State

Owner Phone Number

Owner Email

Date your horse was affected

Number of horses affected

1. What time of year was your horse(s) affected?

Winter; no snow present
Winter; snow present

2.  How long is your horse on pasture each day?

< 6 hours 7 to 12 hours > 12 but < 24 hours 24 hours

3.  Is this your horse's first season on this pasture?

Yes   No

4.  How long is the grass in the pasture?

Very short or minimal grass
Long; ankle height or above

5. Are there trees in the pasture?

No   Yes; a few   Yes; many

6. Are these seeds present in the pasture or on the trees?

    CVM UMEC SPM raseeds

No   Yes; a few   Yes; many

7. Does your horse get fed hay on a daily basis while out on pasture?

Yes No

8. Does your horse get fed any grains or other concentrates on a daily basis?

Yes No

9. Were there windy conditions within one to two weeks prior to your horse developing abnormal signs?

Yes No

10. Was there heavy rain within one to two weeks prior to your horse developing abnormal signs?

Yes No

11. Did your horse die within 48 hours of showing symptoms?

Yes No

12. Have other horses shown similar signs or died recently on your farm?


Yes No

13. Did your horse show any of these signs? (check all that apply)

reluctance to move
fine muscle tremors
difficulty remaining standing
rapid breathing
dark colored urine

14. Comment Box: Please provide any additional signs or pertinent information not provided above.



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