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Classification of Some Muscle Diseases

Classification of Muscle Diseases (Myopathies) in Horses

The primary signs that horses have often allow a muscle disease to be divided into 4 broad catagories;

  1. Muscle damage (rhabdomyolysis)
    • Non-exertional rhabdomyolysis
      • Inflammatory causes
      • Nutritional causes
      • Toxic causes
        • Pasture myopathy (atypical myopathy)
      • Metabolic causes
    • Exertional rhabdomyolysis
      • Sporadic causes
      • Chronic causes
  2. Muscle atrophy
  3. Abnormal muscle twitching (fasciculations)
  4. Muscle weakness and exercise intolerance
    • Metabolic disorders
The focus of research in our laboratory is on causes of rhabdomyolysis and its treatment. Therefore more detailed information is provided on those topics on this website.

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