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Resources for Horse Owners

Resources for Horse Owners

Our goal is to provide unbiased, research based information to horse owners, focusing on horse health and care, nutrition, facilities, and husbandry that will increase the knowledge of horse owners and improved the quality of care for horses. The University of Minnesota supports the Horse Program within the University of Minnesota Extension Service. This program (www.extension.umn.edu/horse) provides “Hands On Horse Days,” a educational series for horse owners held at locations throughout the state, as well as serves as a resource to horse owners on many topics important to the proper care of the horse.

Upcoming Events:
2008 Horse Owner Education Days
Register at www.extension.umn.edu/horse
February 2, 2008
Leatherdale Equine Center

Learn more about: Poisonous Plants, Colic, Hoof Care, Rehabilitation, Pasture Management, Disaster Preperation, Fly and Pest Control, Vaccinations and Deworming, Dentistry, Vitamins and Minerals, Research Updates, Hoof Care, Lameness, 1st Aid, Take a tour of the new facility!

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