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If drawn, blood samples taken  from the jugular vein  will be used to extract DNA for future genetic analysis. All of these procedures are routine and non-invasive. We do not anticipate any complications. Horses may experience a slight discomfort from the needle when blood is sampled. On rare occasions horse can develop a hematoma (a bruise) at the sight of blood collection. If you notice any swelling at this site, please contact us, and well will arrange for medical care if necessary and cover any costs incurred.

We greatly appreciate your offer to assist us with this project. By examining, videotaping, and taking blood samples of your horses, we can start to identify possible risk factors for Shivers and what processes are involved. Our ultimate goal is to use this data to identify the underlying genetic causes that predispose horses to Shivers.  Identification of risk factors in your horses will allow you to identify high risk horses and change their management. The results of our study will be published in scientific journals without the identity of the farms involved or horses involved being disclosed. Records will be kept confidential indefinitely.



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