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Submit Video of your horse

As part of our ongoing research on Shivers, it is necessary that owners submit videos of their horses in addition to the survey. Videos MUST be in a standard DVD format and be in the highest quality possible. This is necessary to make an accurate diagnosis of whether or not a horse has Shivers. Videos must be sent via standard mail. In return, you will receive a veterinary diagnosis within 3 weeks of our receipt of your survey AND video.


CVM UMEC Shivers Herc pic



The video must follow this format:

1. Start with horse on a hard, flat surface
2. Horse must be shown from each side walking forward a distance of approximately 50 feet
3. Horse must then be shown backing up for a distance of approximately 50 feet 4. Each of the horse’s legs must be picked up and held for approximately 30 seconds

Make sure the horse’s entire body is visible at all times and that muscle abnormalities, such as twitching, are shown close up.




Please email a submission form to Alex Draper and make sure information matches what was entered in survey

Submission Form

To upload a video
(remember to send a submission form and also complete the survey)
1.   go to our netfiles site using the link below
2.  Click on the Upload button
3.  Find the file on your computer using the Browse button
(make sure your file name clearly has your name in it)
4.  Click on the OK button to upload the file
Upload Video Site

To send in a video - mail with submission form to:
Alex Draper
1365 Gortner Ave
Room 225
St Paul, MN 55108

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Submit VIDEO
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