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Thomas F. Fletcher

Tom Fletcher

e-mail: fletc003@umn.edu


295 Animal Science/ Veterinary Medicine

1988 Fitch Avenue

University of Minnesota

St. Paul, MN 55108





D.V.M., Cornell University
Ph.D., University of Minnesota


Scholarly Interests
Instructional software development including  web site construction, production of electronic illustrations and animations, and courseware development pertaining to veterinary gross anatomy, embryology, and neurobiology (http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/).  

Selected Courseware and Textbook Publications
Fletcher, T.F. 2013. Spinal Cord and Meninges. Chapter 16 in Miller's Anatomy of the Dog, fourth edition; edited by Evans, H. and deLahunta A. Elsevier (Saunders), Philadephia.

Fletcher, T.F. and Beitz A.J. 2013. The Brain. Chapter 18 in Miller's Anatomy of the Dog, fourth edition; edited by Evans, H. and deLahunta A. Elsevier (Saunders), Philadephia.

Fletcher, T.F. 2013. Interactive Neuroanatomy Quiz. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/neuroQuiz/

Fletcher, T.F. 2013. Spinal Cord - Discussion Questions. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/grpDiscSpCd/

Fletcher, T.F. 2013. Embryology Core Questions. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/embrCoreQues/

Fletcher, T.F. 2013. Vestibular Animations. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/vestibAnimate/

Fletcher, T.F. 2013. Anatomy Directions, Planes and Muscle/Joint Actions. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/anatDirections/

C.A. Osborne and Fletcher, T.F. 2013. Veterinary Urinalysis Interpretation Quiz. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/mUrinalysis/

Fletcher, T.F. 2012. Canine Brain Atlas. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/brainAtlas/

Fletcher, T.F. 2012. PNS Highlights Video Screencasts. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/pnsHL/

Fletcher, T.F. 2012. mobile Meiosis-Mitosis Review. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/mMeiosis/

Fletcher, T.F. 2012. mobile Canine Gaits. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/mGaits/

Fletcher, T.F. 2012. mobile MRI Brain Atlas. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/mMRIBrain/

Fletcher, T.F. 2012. mobile Neurobiology Concepts Checker. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/mNeuroConcepts/

Fletcher, T.F. 2012. Locate Neurological Lesions Guide. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/mLoclesGui/

Fletcher, T.F. 2011. Embryology Highlights Video Screencasts Quizzes. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/embryoHL/

Fletcher, T.F. 2010. Veterinary Anatomy Concepts Checker. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/anatConcepts/

Fletcher, T.F. 2010. Neurological Lesion Location Exercises. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/locLesion/

Fletcher, T.F. 2010. Cranial Nerves Lab. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/neurLab4/

Fletcher, T.F. 2009 (updated). Veterinary Anatomy Courseware Web Site. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/

Fletcher, T.F. & Clarkson, C.E. 2009. Carnivore Muscle Identiication - Self-Assessment Quiz. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/muscleQuiz/  

Fletcher, T.F., Lulich, J.P. & Osborne, C.A. 2009. Carnivore Lower Urinary Tract. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/lut/

Fletcher, T.F. 2009. Cranial Nerve Nuclei - Animated Quizzes. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/CrNNucQuiz/

Fletcher, T.F. & Saveraid, T.C. 2009. Canine Brain MRI Atlas. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/mriBrainAtlas/

Fletcher, T.F. 2008. Developmental Anatomy: Subject Outlines & Knowledge Self-Assessment. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/embrSE/

Fletcher, T.F. 2008. Cranial Nerves - Animated Quizzes. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/CrNAnimQuiz/

Fletcher, T.F. & Clarkson, C.E. 2008 (updated). Carnivore Dissection Labs. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/carnLabs/

Beitz A.F. and Fletcher T.F.: Chapter 6 Nervous Tissue in Textbook of Veterinary  Histology, 6th ed., edited by JA Eurell and BL Frappier; Blackwell Publishing, Ames 2006

Fletcher, T.F. & Brown, D.R. 2007. Canine Autonomic Nervous System Pathways. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/ans/

Fletcher, T.F. & Datt, V.L. 2006. Gaits. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/gaits/

Fletcher, T.F. 2006. Canine Brain Transections. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/brainsect/

Fletcher, T.F. 2006. Cerebellum. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/neurLab6/

Fletcher, T.F. 2006. Canine Planar Anatomy. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/planar/

Fletcher, T.F. 2006. Spinal Cord Anatomy. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/neurLab2/

Fletcher, T.F., Hardy, R.M., & McVey, A. 2005. Video-clips of Clinical Neurology Cases http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/neurolvideo//

Fletcher, T.F. 2004. Minnesota Veterinary Historical Museum Web Site. http://hist.cvm.umn.edu/

Fletcher, T.F. 2003. Neurohistology ATLAS. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/neurHistAtls/

Fletcher, T.F. 2003. Brain Gross Anatomy. http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/grossbrain/

Fletcher, T.F. 1993. Spinal Cord and Meninges. Chapter 14 in Miller's Anatomy of the Dog, third edition; edited by Evans, H. W.B.Saunders Co., Philadephia.

Honors and Awards

College of Veterinary Medicine Excellence in Course Coordination Award, 2009-10.


Norden-Pfizer Distinguished Teaching Award, 2005.


College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Incentive Award, 2000.


First-Year Class Teaching Awards, 1998 – 1999.


College of Veterinary Medicine Curriculum Development Award, 1998.


University of Minnesota Technology Enhanced Learning Innovation Award, 1998.


AAVA Award for Outstanding Achievement and Service to Veterinary Anatomy, 1993.


Merck Sharp & Dohme AGVET Award for Creativity in Teaching, 1992. 


Phi Zeta Faculty Achievement Award, 1989.


President, American Association of Veterinary Anatomists, 1973-74.


Norden Distinguished Teaching Award, 1967.













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