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Atypical Collapse in Labrador Retrievers


An episodic movement disorder that may be a form of atypical seizure has been recognized in Labrador Retrievers.  This disorder has been called atypical epilepsy, paroxysmal dyskinesia, episodic dyskinesia and Chinook seizures.  Affected dogs are normal between the episodes which occur suddenly, without warning. Some affected Labradors simply stagger and look dazed for a few seconds and then recover, without ever falling over.  Others have a 2 to 5 minute episode (occasionally longer) where they appear anxious and are unable to stand erect and walk, experiencing either uncontrollable trembling or muscular rigidity as they attempt to crawl.  Affected dogs maintain consciousness and can obey commands during the episodes. Some Labrador Retrievers have exercise or excitement as an apparent trigger for their episodes, prompting consideration of disorders that cause exercise intolerance (especially cardiac arrhythmias, low blood sugar or EIC). Some dogs with this disorder will develop more classical generalized tonic-clonic seizures later in life where they lose consciousness and paddle their limbs.


This syndrome has not yet been well characterized but we are suspicious that this is an inherited form of epilepsy in Labrador Retrievers.  If your Labrador Retriever has had 2 or more episodes that fit this description we would like your help as we try to describe the syndrome and search for the genetic cause.  Please take the time to fill out the questionnaire and send us a DNA sample and pedigree from your affected dog. If you have a video of your dog having an episode we would like to have the opportunity to view that as well.  CVM VBS Mickelson Lab Shally White Background



Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, complete, save and print the forms. You can download versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader directly from Adobe.

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