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Exercise Induced Collapse in Labrador Retrievers and Related Breeds

The Disorder of EIC

Exercise-induced collapse (EIC) is a recently recognized disorder of increasing significance in Labrador Retrievers, especially those dogs used for hunting and field trials. EIC affected dogs have also been identified in Chesapeake Bay and curly-coated retrievers, as well as Boykin spaniels, Cocker spaniels, German wire-haired pointers, Old English Sheepdogs, Bouvier des Flanders, and Pembroke Welsh corgis.  Dogs affected with EIC develop muscle weakness, incoordination and life-threatening collapse after just five to fifteen minutes of field exercise and cannot participate in many types of strenuous activities.  The condition also exists undetected in Labradors that are not routinely participating in such activity, and likely also exists to an as yet unknown extent in a number of other breeds. Dogs affected with EIC usually cannot continue with strenuous retriever training, but may live good lives as family pets.

CVM VBS Mickelson Lab_Casey

Research performed by Dr. Sue Taylor and colleagues at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine - Saskatchewan is responsible for most of our knowledge concerning the clinical and physiological characteristics of EIC, as well as criteria for diagnosis, medical issues, and evaluation of various therapies.  Click here to find this information in more detail.






A short video of a dog exhibiting classic signs of an exercise-induced collapse is available by clicking here.  Allow time for the video to load.


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