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Yuying Liang

Yuying Liang 2

e-mail: liangy@umn.edu

295K Animal Science/ Veterinary Medicine
1988 Fitch Avenue
University of Minnesota
St. Paul, MN 55108



B.S., Sichuan University, China
M.S., Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry, Chinese Academy of Science (CAS)
Ph.D., University of British Columbia, Canada

Research interests

My research interests are focused on the virus-host interactions in the replication and pathogenesis of two RNA viral pathogens, arenaviruses and influenza virus. (1) Arenaviruses such as Lassa fever virus can cause hemorrhagic fevers in humans with limited prophylactic and therapeutic treatments. We are interested in studying the replicative and pathogenic mechanisms of arenaviruses with a particular emphasis placed on the virus-host interactions during viral infections. For these studies, we use various molecular, cellular, and viral systems, as well as a safe and relevant small animal model for Lassa fever that is based on the Pichinde virus infection of guinea pigs. (2) Influenza virus causes acute respiratory disease that can lead to severe and deadly complications. Current vaccine program and existing antivirals are unable to provide complete preventative or therapeutic effects due to the constantly evolving nature of influenza virus resulting in vaccine escaped and drug-resistant virus variants. We are interested in studying the roles of host factors and signaling pathways in the influenza viral replication and disease pathogenesis in the lungs with an ultimate goal of developing novel antiviral therapeutics against influenza viral infection.

Current research projects include:
1. Virulence determinants and mechanisms of arenaviruses
2. Mechanisms of Arenavirus-induced immune suppression
3. Pathogenesis of arenavirus hemorrhagic fevers
4. Influenza virus interactions with host signaling pathways
5. Pathogenesis of influenza virus-induced lung inflammation
6. Antivirals and vaccines

Selected Publications

(For a comprehensive list of Dr. Liang's recent publications, refer to PubMed, a service provided by the National Library of Medicine.)

 L. McLay, Y. Liang, and H. Ly*. 2013. Comparative Analysis of Disease Pathogenesis and Molecular Mechanisms of New World and Old World Arenavirus Infections. J. Gen. Virol. Review. Accepted. 

L. McLay, S. Lan, A. Ansari, Y. Liang*, and H. Ly*. 2013. Identification of virulence determinants within the L genomic segment of the Pichinde arenavirus. J. Virol. 87(12): 6635-43. PMCID: PMC in process. (* co-corresponding authors).

Jiang, X., Q. Huang, W. Wang, H. Dong, H. Ly*, Y. Liang*, and Changjiang Dong*. 2013. Structures of arenaviral nucleoproteins with triphosphate dsRNA reveal a unique mechanism of immune suppression. J Biol. Chem. In print (* co-corresponding authors).

L. McLay, A. Aftab, Y. Liang, and H. Ly. 2013. Targeting virulence mechanisms for the prevention and therapy of arenaviral hemorrhagic fever. Antiviral Res. 97:81-92. PMCID:PMC3563861. Review.

J. Wang, S. Danzy, N. Kumar, H. Ly, and Y. Liang. 2012. Biological roles and functional mechanisms of arenavirus z protein in viral replication. J Virol. 86(18): 9794-9801. PMCID: PMC3446593.

N. Kumar, J. Wang, S. Lan, S. Danzy, L. M. Schelde, J. Seladi-Schulman, H. Ly, and Y. Liang. 2012. Characterization of virulence-associated determinants in the envelope glycoprotein of Pichinde virus. Virology 433(1): 97-103. PMCID:PMC3444631.

Kumar, N., Y. Liang, T. G. Parslow, Y. Liang. 2011. Receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors block multiple steps of influenza A virus replication. J Virol. 85(6):2818-2827. PMCID: PMC3067926.

Qi, X., S. Lan, W. Wang, L. M. Schelde, H. Dong, G. Wallat, H. Ly*, Y. Liang*, and Changjiang Dong*. 2010. Cap binding and immune evasion revealed by Lassa nucleoprotein. Nature. 468: 779-783. PMCID: PMC3057469 (* co-corresponding authors).

Lan, S., L. M. Shelde, J. Wang, N. Kumar, H. Ly*, and Y. Liang*. 2009. Development of infectious clones for virulent and avirulent Pichinde viruses – a model virus to study arenavirus-induced hemorrhagic fevers. J. Virol. 83(13):6357-62. PMCID: PMC2698569. (*corresponding authors)

Kumar, N., Xin, Z., Liang, Y., H. Ly, and Y. Liang. 2008. NF-kappaB signaling differentially regulates influenza viral RNA synthesis. J. Virol. 82(20):9880-9. PMCID: PMC2566266. 

Current Funding

“Molecular determinants of virulent arenavirus infection in hosts”, NIH/NIAID, R01 AI083409, Liang (PI)

“Receptor tyrosine kinase signaling and influenza viral RNA synthesis”, NIH/NIAID, R21 AI094133, Liang (PI)



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