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VCS Grand Rounds

2012 - 2013

06/27/2013 Daniel Balogh  
06/20/2013 Jeffery Biskup  
  Justin Uhl  
06/13/2013 Jill Schappa The Word of Mouth on Cytology of Oral Masses
  Rebecca Walton The Use of Anti-inflammatory Medications in the Treatment of Pulmonary Blastomycosis
06/06/2013 Lauren Devine Presumed Immune-Mediated Neutropenia in Dogs: A Retrospective Study 2006 - 2012
  Michelle Provencher Feline Hippocampal Necrosis
05/30/2013 Sarah Fritz Hazardous Drug Exposure in Veterinary Medicine
  Krystina Stadler 1H-Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Neurologic Lesions in the Canine Brain at 3T
05/23/2013 Jeff MacLellan Trauma Scoring Systems in Feline Patients
  Alyse Zacuto ILlness Severity Scores: Validation v. New Models
05/16/2013 Joseph Bisignano Hyperadrenocorticism: New Approach to an Old Disease
  Erin Corbin Splenomegaly in Small Breed Dogs
05/09/2013 Alexis Denysyk Novel Approaches to Cancer Therapy
  Erin Vicari Mandibular Fractures in the Canine Patient: A Retrospective Study of Treatment Outcomes and Complications of Mandibular Body Fracture Repair
05/02/2013 Rebecca Cervenec Addison's Disease: At the Heart of the Matter
  Lisa Gorman Beta Hydroxybutryrate in Veterinary Medicine
04/25/2013 Kristina Kiefer Viability of Canine Adipose Derived Stem Cells Exposed to Synovial Fluid from Osteoarthritic Joints
  Andrew Marsh Mandibular and Sublingual Sialoadenectomy in Dogs
04/18/2013 Katherine Peterson Tissue Oxygen Monitoring
  Mallory Salcedo EGDT: Early Goal Directed Therapy
04/11/2013 Jennifer Hall Short-term outcome of urethral obstruction in 47 male cats with decompressive cystocentesis and urinary catheterization
  Kevin Haynes Tibial Plateau Angle and its effect on strain in an intact cranial cruciate ligament
04/04/2013 Jenny Cho-Macswain Pancreatitis, polyarthritis, panniculitis (PPP) syndrome in veterinary medicine
  Paulo Gomes Comparison of three staining methods to identify eosinophils in formalin-fixed canine skin
03/21/2013 Mike Barletta Cardiac Output: What is it and how can we measure it?
03/14/2013 Amber Stiller Prevention of Thromboembolic Complications in Canine IMHA
03/07/2013 Megan MacLellan Diffusion Imaging: Utility in the Canine Brain
  Tara Sime Parvo - It's not just vomiting and diarrhea
02/28/2013 Sandra Koch Parasitosis or Delusion?
02/21/2013 Julie Schildt Transfusion Medicine: Improving Safety and Efficacy in Small Animal Patients
01/31/2013 Kari Anderson Computed Tomography: Beyond the Nodule Check
 01/24/2013 Ann Philbrick Compounding Pharmacies: What You Need to Know
  Robert Washabau  
 01/17/2013 Sarah Zaldivar Hemoglobin and Iron Metabolism in greyhounds
 01/10/2013 Jaime Modiano Draggin' Canine Lymphoma into the 21st Century Kicking and Screaming
 01/03/2013 Hwa Choi Antiviral Effect of Medicinal Herbs on Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus
 12/20/2012 Borgatti Preclinical evaluation and clinical translation of bispecific targeted toxin for the treatment of sarcomas
 12/13/2012 Kelly Hall Trauma patient care: a multicenter, multidiscipline approach to research, service and education
 12/06/2012 Dan Feeney Clinical and Epidemiological review of lead poisoning in bald eagles and use of MRI to localize and characterize brain lesions
  Pat Redig  
 11/29/2012 Marisa Ames Aldosterone Breakthrough: Importance to Cardiologists, Internists, Nephrologists
 11/15/2012 Mahmood Khan Role of Adult Stem Cells in Myocardial Regeneration
 11/08/2012 Dale Bjorling Plant Awn Migration in the Upper Midwest?
 11/01/2012 Dr. Kurt Matushek How to insure publication in JAVMA or AJVR
 10/25/2012 Jed Overmann Viscoelastic Coagulation Testing in Veterinary Medicine
 10/18/2012 Dan Feeney The Liver Imaging Dilemma: Contribution from Ultrasound
 10/11/2012 Mike Conzemius Cranial Cruciate Disease in the Dog: What you Kneed to Know
 10/04/2012 Jody Lulich Struvite Urolith Dissolution in Cats: A Double-Masked Randomized Clinical Trial
 09/27/2012 Carl Osborne Medical Management of Surgical Disease of the Urinary System
 09/20/2012 Liz Lafond Updates from the 7th International Symposium on Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy
 09/13/2012 Peggy Root Non-Surgical Contraception in Dogs and Cats: An Update

2011 - 2012

 06/14/2012 Rebecca Cervenec Atrial Standstill: Pathogenesis and Prognosis with Pacemaker Implantation
  Clarissa Robles Novel Leukoencephalomyopathy in Border Terriers: The Rump Shaker
06/07/2012 Martin Kennedy Doppler Vs. Direct Blood Pressure: Limits of Agreement in Small Dogs 5k or Less
  Jennifer Hall Evaluation of a sutureless catheter securement device in Dogs
05/24/2012 Dan Bucy Early Detection of FIV Neuropathology with Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  Diana Davila MR v. Myelogram: Comparison of Imaging Techniques for Diagnosing Spinal Cord Injuries
05/17/2012 Sarah Dowling A Case Study and Literature Review of Hypoadrenocorticism in the Cat
  Yonatan Buks Canine Thyroid Carcinoma: Prognostic Indicators and Diagnostic Tools
05/10/2012 Jill Hicks Anesthetic Complications in Dogs Undergoing Brain MRI
  Zachary Neumann Investigating Phospholipase D2 Expression in Canine Osteosarcoma
05/03/2012 Lorna Reichl It Was a Dark and Stormy Night... Update on Treatments for Thunderstorm and Other Noise Phobias
  Maxie Kruger DCM and CRP: A Review of Dilated Cardiomyopathy and how C-Reactive Protein Could Help Us
04/26/2012 Justin Uhl The Effect of LCP Position on the Stabilization of Fractures of the Radius
  Katja Wucherer A Prospective Randomized Study Looking at Surgical Treatment Options for Canine Elbow Dysplasia
04/19/2012 Wade Gingerich Evidence based recommendations for antibiotic prophylaxis prior to oral and dental procedures in dogs
  Jenny Cho-MacSwain Evaluation of a Novel Use of Probiotics in Preventing the Recurrence of Canine Calcium Oxalate Uroliths
04/12/2012 Joseph Bisignano Feline Primary Hyperaldosteronism: Recognition, Diagnosis and Treatment
  Tara Sime Noncardiogenic Pulmonary Edema: Pathophysiology and Potential Therapies
04/05/2012 Kristina Keifer Influence of Culture Media Conditions on Canine Adipose Derived Stem Cells
  Amber Stiller Sterile Struvite Plugs in Dogs - Is it the Same Disease We See in Cats?
03/29/2012 Sara Crain Assessing the Safety of Pancreatic Aspiration in Cats
  Joseph Green Use of Urinary Electrolytes in Small Animal Fluid Therapy
03/22/2012 Andrea Peterson Exfoliative Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus
03/15/2012 Mike Henson Early Detection of Cancer
03/08/2012 Catherine Rivara The Role of Purine Metabolites As Biomarkers of Disease
  Claire Cannon Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumor Disease
02/23/2012 Kristin Schafgans Ascites as a complication of primary immune mediated hemolytic anemia: 19 cases
  Damon Leeder Long-term Survival in Dogs with Severe Subaortis Stenosis
02/16/2012 Christine Lim Famciclovir: A breakthrough for the treatment of feline herpesvirus?
02/09/2012 Paulo Gomes Comparison of Three Stainings for Identifying Eosinophils in Canine Fixed Skin
  Katie Peterson SHOCK INDEX (SI): Just Another ECC Abbreviation?
01/26/2012 Tabitha Fletcher Multidetector computed tomography in small animal medicine
  Christopher Warrington 1H-Magnetic Resonance Spectorscopy of the Normal Canine Brain.
01/19/2012 Alexis Denysyk Prostatic Carcinoma: A review of what we do to try to treat.
01/12/2012 Gary Goldstein Observational Canine Dental Pathology Prevalence Study Current Results
01/05/2012 Leslie Sharkey Diagnostic cytology: An evidence-based approach
12/15/2011 Sue Lowum New Canine Vaccine Guidelines
12/08/2011 Kelly Tart CPR - What you need to know
12/01/2011 Sheila Torres Antimicrobial Peptides: Weapons of mass destruction - Part II
11/17/2011 Dan Feeney The Diffuse Disease Dilemma: Contribution from Imaging
11/10/2011 Michelle Ritt IBD: Immunity and the Microbial Community.
11/03/2011 Ned Patterson Genetic Medical Mystery: The Various Forms of Leonberger Dog Polyneuropathy
10/27/2011 Erin Dickerson Novel approaches for treating canine HSA:  Getting to the heart (spleen & subcutis) or at least the stem of the matter.
10/20/2011 Betty Kramek Ectopic ureters & persistent urinary incontinence: Outcomes & Options
10/13/2011 Lynelle Graham
Daniel Almeida
Lindsey Mathews
Nuggests of Knowledge from Nashville: Updates from the 2011 ACVA Meeting.
10/06/2011011 Andrea Fahrenkrug Partners in Philanthrophy.
09/29/2011 Chris Ober Microwaves: Not just for preparing gourmet dinners anymore
09/22/2011 Liz Pluhar UMN Canine Meningioma Clinical Trial
09/15/2011 Jaime Modiano Cancer and evolution: What is the solution?
09/08/2011 Robert Washabau Quo Vadis Alimentarium Momentum:What’s New In Gastrointestinal Prokinesis?

2010 - 2011

06/23/2011 Kristina Kiefer Adipose derived stem cells for osteoarthritis therapy: Who are you calling fat?
Fekadu Kassie Potential application of microRNAs in the clinical management of canine lymphoma
Diana Davila Tramadol vs. Firocoxib: A comparative study on their use for post-operative pain mgmt
  Lindsey Mathews Comparison of the cardiovascular effects of Acepromazine versus Trazodone as premedications.
Katja Wucherer Short-term outcome in dogs managed with & without surgery for cranial cruciate ligament rupture
  Duane Robinson Implant removal…complications or inconvenience?
Andrea Johnston Prevalence of oral pathology in a general canine population
  Maxie Krüger I Heart Turtles - An introduction to turtle echocardiography.
Kathryn Ambrose Hypertrophic osteodystrophy in the Weimaraner: Breed-specific clinical considerations
  Danielle Dito Vacuum assisted closure & open wound management.  Current knowledge & applications in vet med.
Clarisa Robles Pathogenesis, diagnosis, & therapy of canine meningoencephalitides
  Andrea Peterson Frequency of urinary tract infection in dogs treated with cyclosporine: a retrospective study.
Justin Uhl Pelvic limb muscle mass & bone mineral density in dogs with CCL disease treated with medical management or medical management & surgery.
Brian Hardy Levetiracetam therapy in dogs
Elise Craft The use of canine serum albumin in dogs with septic peritonitis
  Jennifer Hall Sterile pustula erythroderma of the Miniature Schnauzer
Chris Warrington MR spectroscopy: potential uses beyond the brain
  Tabitha Fletcher Diffusion-weighted imaging and Diffusion-tensor imaging. 
Laura Durant-Elliott Chronic use of NSAIDs in the feline patient: more harm or more good?
  Jayme Hoffberg Clinical timeline & novel therapeutic options for presumptive Strychnine toxicity in a dog
Lorna Reichl In search of a better preanesthetic antianxiety agent: Could it be trazodone
Claire Cannon Aurora kinase inhibitors - A new treatment for canine osteosarcoma?
  Amber Stiller Platelet-derived urinary thromboxanes with low dose aspirin in canine IMHA
Kristin Schafgans Bilateral choanal atresia in a cat
  Catherine Rivara Purine urolithiasis in cats 
Eva Furrow The miniature schnauzer and pancreatitis: Critical review from a genetic perspective
  Damon Leeder The natural history of subaortic senosis
Elizabeth Orcutt Does immunosuppression and lyme status matter in dogs with protein-losing kidney disease?
  Wade Gingerich Investigation of a novel chew treat for the prevention of plaque and calculus accumulation in dogs
Sarah Gray Potential zinc phosphide rodenticide toxicosis in dogs: 362 cases (2004-2009)
  Katie Peterson Phenylpropanolamine toxicosis in dogs: a review of 170 cases (2004-2009)
Deb Wingert Teaching to memory pathways: Explicit and implicit memory strategies
02/03/2011 Jody Lulich Is empiric administration of antimicrobics a logical treatment for cats with lower urinary tract disease? A seminar on treatable factors we often ignore
Leslie Sharkey Responding to a changing educational environment Clinical Pathology: a case study
Lisa Powell The pros and cons of hetastarch therapy in critical care patients
Tiffany Granone Comparison of three different inhalant anesthetic agents (isoflurane, sevoflurane, desflurane) in red-tailed hawks (Buteo jamaicensis)
Chris Stauthammer Coiling of intrahepatic portosystemic shunts
Kevin Stepaniuk Odontogenic infection and canine LPR – Any association?
Margret Duxbury The fear factor: Reducing its impact on patient care.
David Polzin What a kidney biopsy can do for you – the WSAVA Standardization Study
11/18/2010 Carl Osborne
Jody Lulich
Hermaturia in a dog, what is your diagnosis?
11/11/2010 Julie Churchill
Peggy Root
Laura Molgaard
Greg Worrel Intracranial EEGs and seizure prediction in humans and dogs
Erin Dickerson Targeting strategies for cancer treatment: Applications in human and veterinary medicine
Greg Beilman  Advances in combat casualty care
Rita Miller Highlights from the 2010 ACVIM forum
Kelly Hall TRAUMA: modeling, STAT and helicopters
Vicki Wilke Spontaneous pneumothorax: Why anger management is important.
Anibal Armien The use of electron microscopy in diagnostic medicine.
Robert Washabau Critical scientific reading: We are what we read.




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