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Jody Lulich

CVMVCS Lulich Cat Photo


Minnesota Urolith Center
Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Minnesota
St Paul, MN 55108

College: Northwestern University, Evanston Illinois
Tuskegee University, DVM
University of Minnesota, PhD
Internship: Small Animal Rotating Internship: University of Minnesota
Residency: Internal Medicine: University of Minnesota

Veterinary Medical Associations: AVMA, MVMA
Specialty Organizations ACVIM: small animal internal medicine
Professional Societies; Veterinary nephrology and Urology, Research On Calculi Kinetics

Research Interests

  • Urolithiasis,
  • Calcium oxalate urolith epidemiology, etiopathiogenesis, dissolution, and prevention
  • Urolith analysis
  • Biomarkers of Disease (NMR spectroscopy, proteomics, metabolomics, genetics)
  • Urinary tract oncology
  • Clinical and translational research
  • Spontaneous Animal Models for Disease
  • Urinary tract infections

Teaching Interests

  • Nephrology and Urology
  • Problem solving
  • Internal medicine

Clinical Interests

  • Small Animal Internal Medicine
  • Urology and nephrology
  • Laser lithotripsy
  • Cystoscopy
  • Minimally Invasive Interventional procedures to manage urinary tract disorders

Selected Publications

  1. Lulich JP, Osborne CA, Carvalho M, Nakagawa Y. The Effects of a urolith prevention diet on urine compositions of glycosaminoglycans, Tamm-Horsfall glycoprotein and nephrocalcin in cats with calcium oxalate urolithiasis. AJVR, publication December 2011.
  2. Lulich JP, Osborne CA, Albasan H, Monga M, Bevan JM. Efficacy and safety of laser lithotripsy in fragmentation of urocystoliths and urethroliths for removal in dogs. JAVMA, 2009;234:1279-1285.
  3. Mauricio C, Lulich JP, Osborne CA, Nakagawa Y. Defective urinary crystallization inhibition and urine stone formation. International Braz J Urol. 2006;32:342-349.
  4. Lulich JP, Osborne CA, Lekcharoensuk C, et al. Effects of diet on urine composition of cats with calcium oxalate urolithiasis. J Am Anim Hosp Assoc 2004;40:185-191.
  5. Lekcharoensuk C., Osborne CA, Lulich JP, Thumchai R , Kirk Claudia, Ulrich LK, Koehler LA, Carpenter KA, Swanson LL. Association between dietary factors and the risk of calcium oxalate and magnesium ammonium phosphate urolithiasis in cats: JAVMA 2001; 219(9):1228-1237.
  6. Lulich JP, Osborne CA, Lekcharoensuk C, Kirk CA, Allen TA. Effects of hydrochlorothiazide and diet in dogs with calcium oxalate urolithiasis. J of the American Veterinary Association, J American Veterinary Medical Association. 2001; 218: 1583-1586.

Awards and Honors

  • Osborne/Hills endowed Chair in nephrology and urology
  • Co-Director: Minnesota Urolith Center
  • Professor, Internal Medicine, University of Minnesota
  • Distinguished Alumnus Award form Tuskegee Veterinary Alumni Association
  • Norden Distinguished Teacher of the Year. College of Veterinary Medicine, 2001
  • Speaker of the Year (companion animal program), North American Veterinary
  • Conference, 2007
  • World Small Animal Veterinary Association Excellence in Veterinary Heath Care Award, 2007



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