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Robert J. Washabau

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  • Ph.D. Physiology, University of Pennsylvania (1990)
  • V.M.D. University of Pennsylvania (1982)
  • B.S., The Ohio State University (1976)


American Gastroenterology Association
Comparative Gastroenterology Society
American Veterinary Medical Association
American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

Clinical Interests

Problems of internal medicine; gastroenterologic disorders; gastrointestinal motility disorders; exocrine pancreatic disorders; hepatobiliary disease; mechanisms and therapy of emesis; gastrointestinal inflammation

Research Interests
Muscle physiology; mechanisms of gastrointestinal smooth muscle contraction; comparative aspects of gastrointestinal, airway, and urinary bladder smooth muscle properties; pathogenesis and therapy of gastrointestinal motility disorders; gastrointestinal inflammation

Teaching Interests

Gastroenterology, gastrointestinal physiology, gastrointestinal pathology, physiology


For a list of current publications, visit PubMed.


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