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Greg Anderson, Associate Clinical Professor

Michael G. Conzemius, Professor

Dr. Conzemius received his D.V.M. from Iowa State University in 1990. He earned a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering in 2000 from Iowa State University.  Dr. Conzemius received the Pfizer Award for Research Excellence in 2002. He holds several patents, including two for a canine total elbow implant.

Kristina Kiefer, Assistant Professor

Betty Kramek, Clinical Professor

Elizabeth LaFond, Associate Clinical Professor

G. Elizabeth Pluhar, Associate Professor

Dr. Pluhar received her D.V.M. from Oregon State University in 1989. She earned a master of science degree in molecular biology from Northern Illinois University. In 1999, she earned a Ph.D. in veterinary sciences/comparative orthopaedics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Her research interests include improving total joint longevity, development of bone graft substitutes, the study of osteoclasts and bone graft incorporation, and the investigation of novel gene and immunotherapies for brain tumors.

Vicki Wilke, Assistant Clinical Professor 

Dr. Wilke received her D.V.M. from the University of Wisconsin.  In 2004, Dr. Wilke became a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons.  In 2006, she earned a Ph.D. in animal breeding and genetics. Her primary research interests include canine cranial cruciate ligament disease, genetic predisposition and inheritance of canine orthopedic disease, and gene expression differences in thyroid cancer.


Diana Allevato

Jeff Biskup

Kevin Haynes

Katja Wucherer




What's Inside


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