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Sample Submission

Send the following specimens:

  • Jejunum and ileum - Send 15-20 cm of fresh tissue from each, as well as 2.5-5 cm of unopened sections, flushed and fixed with formalin.
  • Colon - Submit 15 cm (calf) or several partial loops (pig) of colon, fresh. Also send 2.5-5 cm of colon, flushed and fixed with formalin.
  • Colon or cecal content - Send 2-5 ml of fresh contents.
  • Mesenteric lymph nodes - Send fresh.

Samples must be taken as soon after death as possible. Do not open or tie-off intestines. Package and label each fresh intestinal segment in a separate, sterile, plastic bag. Chill fresh intestine and colon content before mailing. Do not freeze. Pool formalin-fixed tissues. Ship in an insulated container with sufficient coolant, e.g., gel packs, to maintain refrigeration until the specimens arrive at the laboratory.


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