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Sample Submission

Send the following specimens:

  • Lung and trachea - Submit fresh, generous samples of each in a sterile bag. Keep chilled, do not freeze. Also send thin slices of affected tissue in formalin.
  • Nasal turbinates - It is important to include nasal turbinates for the diagnosis of Inclusion body rhinitis (cytomegalovirus) and Atrophic rhinitis in swine.

It is advisable to submit a more comprehensive set of tissues when concurrent infection by other pathogens is suspected. For instance:

  • Serum, whole blood, lung, lymph nodes, spleen and ileum should be submitted when BVD in cattle is suspected.
  • Serum, tonsil, lung and lymph node should be submitted when PRRS is suspected in swine

Ship tissues in an insulated container with sufficient coolant, e.g., gel packs, to maintain refrigeration until the specimens arrive at the laboratory.



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