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Resources for Ropes

The recommended ropes are three-strand twisted, 100% cotton and 1/2” to 5/8” diameter.  Cotton is absorbent and will hold the most oral secretions.  Do not use nylon or poly blend ropes as they are not absorbent and my cause cuts in the gingival tissue.

These ropes can be purchased by the foot at some hardware stores, Farm and Fleet stores and online (www.webriggingsupply.com and www.knotandrope.com) by the foot or 600-foot reel. A complete collection kit is also available from ITL Animal Healthcare.

An alternative to ropes are cotton tube socks.  These should be new socks so that they are not contaminated with bacteria or viral DNA/RNA.

All ropes and socks should only be used once and should not be re-used as it is difficult to remove the genetic material between uses.

If you have difficulty getting the pigs to chew on the rope the first time, you can entice them by shaking the rope and getting them to play with it or by flavoring it with soda, honey or sugar water. 

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