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Container Recommendations

General Information

Tube Size Limits
  • Diameter: minimum 12mm; maximum 16mm (prefer 12-13mm)
  • Length (without stopper): minimum 75mm; maximum 100mm
  • Must be push on only and quickly removable with one hand.
  • Please do not use screw capped tubes.
  • Do not apply tape or parafilm on caps.
Tube Material
  • Glass: must be silicone treated.
  • Please do not use screw capped tubes.
  • Plastic: either polystyrene or polypropylene.

Specific Recommendations

The following tubes are easy to open and do not leak. The examples below are listed in order of preference.
  • Glass serum separator, 13X100mm (7ml)
    (Corvac brand. These tubes are silicone treated and are packed in cardboard racks suitable for shipping. Available from: Midwest Vet Supply (800) 352-2831; Far-Vet Supply (800) 328-9483.)
  • Polystyrene 12X75mm
    (Falcon Brand #2054. These tubes are sterile and include caps. Available from: Curtin Matheson (612) 934-1835; VWR Scientific (800) 932-5000.)
  • Polystyrene 12X75mm
    (Tubes #5-3305-800, caps #5-3302-800. Available from: Helena Plastics (800) 227-1727.)
  • Polystyrene 12X75mm
    (Tubes #60818-361, plug cap #60819-003. Available from: VWR Scientific (800) 932-5000.)

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