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More Information

Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy

Type 1 PSSM causes muscle soreness and tying up in over 20 breeds.

Type 2 PSSM can cause similar symptoms to type 1 and is more common in warmblood breeds. A muscle biopsy is required to diagnose type 2 PSSM. If a horse is N/N for the type 1 PSSM genetic test but is showing signs of muscle pain, a muscle biopsy may help to identify another muscle disorder.

To learn more about PSSM, see this list of Frequently Asked Questions. For information on genetics/inheritance and recommendations on whether to submit for genetic testing, muscle biopsy or both, please see Recent Advances in PSSM Genetic Testing.

Malignant Hyperthermia

MH occurs in Quarter Horses and Paints and can cause signs of tying up, elevated body temperature, sweating and anesthetic reactions. It can occur together with type 1 PSSM giving particularly severe signs of tying up.

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