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Allen D. Leman

In 1974 Dr. Leman, a new University of Minnesota Extension Veterinarian and Dr. Jim Hanson, Director of the College of Veterinary Medicine’s continuing education program initiated this conference to present new information and discuss issues important to the swine industry. Al understood how a university could influence practitioners and empower them to be leaders for the swine industry.

This conference for Minnesota practitioners began in a small lecture hall on the St. Paul Campus and has evolved into the multi-session, international meeting it is today.

Throughout his career, Dr. Leman worked to define the link between swine disease and swine production. His unwavering dedication to the education of practicing veterinarians was manifested, at least in part, through his leadership of this conference.

Al left the University of Minnesota in 1986. After his death in 1992, the conference was renamed in his honor. The swine faculty continues to provide the leadership in developing this program and remains committed to Al’s vision of excellence.

Allen D. Leman




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