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University of Minnesota DairyCOMP 305 Online Training Curriculum:
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access DairyCOMP305 courses?
DairyCOMP305 (DC305) is a web-based, self-directed, self-paced multi-course program you can access 24/7. The courses within DC305 open and end on specific dates and last anywhere from 3-10 weeks.

Once a class starts, you study and interact with the course on your schedule – you do not need to attend a class at a specific time of day, or day of the week. When you enter the course site, you are on the University of Minnesota web site, using easy to follow course management software to access and interact with Web-based learning materials and activities.

Current Online Students:
If you are currently registered for a DC305 online course, go to Moodle 2.0 (

The Level I introduction course, the first in the series, is very useful in learning how to navigate the course, as well as the initial introduction to the DC305 program software.

How do I register for DC305?
To register for DC305 modules on-line, go to or call 612-624-3434.

Be prepared to follow the link to DairyCOMP305 and continue to enter in all of your contact information and payment information. It is very important to enter your email address correctly - this is mode of communication that establishes you as registrant and insures that you receive the UserID and Password information you need to enter the class. You will receive confirmation via email with detailed instructions about entering the class for the first time on the first day of the class.

If you are taking the course for veterinary continuing education credits, or ARPAS credits, you will receive a certificate from the University of Minnesota once you have completed the course. Please note you will be receiving emails from and you may need to set your account settings to make sure the emails are not identified as spam.

What if need technical help after I am registered?
Technical Assistance with User ID and Password is available from the University of Minnesota Technical Helpline 612-301-HELP. (612-301-4357). The course homepage has a link to online technical support that looks like this: Additional help, FAQ, and user guides for Moodle can be found at htp:// 
University of Minnesota Technical Helpline Hours
Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday  noon – 5:00 pm

When and how often is this course offered?
Refer to to find specific dates. After registering, your welcome letter will include the specific beginning and ending dates for your course so you can refer to it at any time.

What happens if I have to cancel?
The policy is a 50% refund if cancellation is received at least 10 days prior to the start of the course. No refunds will be given for failure to finish the course.

What happens if I don’t finish on time?
If you do not finish on the required date, you must request a deferral from the professor who is the only person who can approve a deferred date of completion. You will be assessed a fee of $100 for a customized completion date. Each time you require a new custom completion date, the fee will be assessed. It is best to register knowing that you can finish on the prescribed ending date of the course.

MAC Users Note:  This demo program is designed for PCs running Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7.  In addition, while certain Apple Macs may also be able to install and run the program utilizing a Windows emulation, neither VAS nor UMN will be able to offer support for the Mac users in either installation or operating the program.  Note that this DEMO copy of Dairy COMP305 is installed completely and separately from any pre-existing DC305 programs. Also note the Demo program does not require a hardlock device. The Demo program will allow you participate fully in the course, and will allow you to confidently try out new features of the program. Please note that the Demo program you received by registering for this course is copyrighted by Valley Agricultural Software (all rights reserved) and is solely intended for use in conjunction with University of Minnesota DC305 Training.

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