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Introduction to DairyCOMP305: Basic Level 1 Course

Course Instructor
Riki Sorge, DMV, MSc, PhD

Web-based learning experience designed to introduce you to the DairyCOMP305 dairy management program. This course is the first in a series of courses on using DairyCOMP to manage and evaluate a dairy farm. No previous DairyCOMP305 experience is required.

This Introductory basic level 1 course also serves to introduce students to the University of Minnesota online platform, WebCT Vista. Everyone is encouraged to start their online DairyCOMP training by taking this course first. Our experience has been that even the most advanced DairyCOMP users have found value in the material presented here.

This course will help you gain important technical skills in using the DC305 program and as a result, you will become very familiar navigating within the program. We believe that the only effective way to learn to use a software program is to actually use the software program. We use a hands-on approach with a customized Demo Version of the DairyCOMP305 software program, especially designed for the course.

Because we take this hands-on approach, the courses improve your DC305 skills by guiding you with practice exercises and activities. You will gain understanding and expertise in this very powerful herd management tool. This is an 8 week on-line training course with 8 units. Each unit requires 5 to 8 hours for students to complete. Students are graded based on on-line quiz performance. Students that successfully complete Course 1 are eligible to receive eight CE credits from the University of Minnesota or eight CEUs from ARPAS.

Unit 1
We will introduce you to the WebVista learning site. This unit also provides you with some background on Valley Agricultural Software and a brief history of the DC305 program.

Unit 2
This unit begins by introducing you to the basic component of the DC305, the individual CowCard. This unit also explains in some detail DC305 Items and DC305 Events. Having a solid understanding of how Items and Events are used in the program is very important. We also briefly introduce the basics Item and Event entry in the DC305 program.

Unit 3
This unit covers the basics of command line syntax. The ability to use the command line feature is a major key to tapping into the flexibility that gives DC305 its strength. It is the command line that allows users to custom-define lists, graphs, and other reports.

Unit 4
This unit covers some basic program SETUP features and also some background details on the structure of DC305 files and data storage.

Unit 5
This unit provides you with additional FOR statement practice. The FOR statement is used throughout the DC305 program, so a solid understanding of its use is very important. Various ways to use the BY clause was covered. This unit also shows you how to save and modify DC305 commands using ALTER.

Unit 6
This unit covers the very important SAVE command, and its use when making database backups. If you are a producer using DC305 to manage your herd, be sure that you have a solid data backup system in place. The ability to make proper backups is very important for consultants that are accessing the DC305 data from client farms. This unit also introduces the command verbs SUM and GRAPH.

Unit 7
This unit reviews the use of the Report Outlook bar that makes accessing saved reports in a cowfile quick and simple. In this unit we also go into more detail on DC305 items and their definitions.

Unit 8
Course summary and evaluation. All of the technical skills and DC305 mechanics that were learned in this course apply equally well to both dairy producers and consultants. The skills and program features discussed in this course will serve as a solid foundation that will help you get the most out of the DairyCOMP305 program.

START DATE: May 6 , 2013 (Registration closes April 22, 2013
END DATE:  July 1, 2013

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On-line only - $160 

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