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DairyCOMP305 BREDSUM: Level 2 Course

Course Instructor
Riki Sorge, DMV, MSc, PhD

BREDSUM is the Dairy Comp 305 command used to examine the effectiveness of a breeding program. BREDSUM has options to produce the traditionally used reproductive statistics and measures, including services per conception (SPC), conception rate (%Conc), and 21-day pregnancy risk. It also contains options to produce some other less familiar reproductive measures.

This course is designed to help you understand the DC305 mechanics of running the BREDSUM command as well as the information provided in the various BREDSUM reports. In this course we will look closely at the BREDSUM report format and cover in detail the most commonly used BREDSUM options.

This is a 4 week on-line training course with 4 units. Each unit requires 5 to 8 hours for students to complete. Students are graded based on on-line quiz performance. Students that successfully complete Course 1 are eligible to receive four CE credits from the University of Minnesota or four CEUs from ARPAS.

Unit 1
Introduction to the BREDSUM Command. In this unit we will also review the basics of reproductive data storage in the DairyCOMP305 program.

Unit 2
BREDSUM Report Details. In this unit we will take a detailed look at the information presented in BREDSUM reports using as examples, the most commonly used BredSum Options.

Unit 3
This unit will introduce you to the more advanced BREDSUM Cross Tables and also cover the components of the 21-day Pregnancy Risk Reports.

Unit 4
The remaining BREDSUM report options will be presented in this unit along with a final course summary.

START DATE: June 3, 2013 (Registration closes May 20, 2013)
END DATE:  July 1, 2013

Registration Fees

On-line only - $120 

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