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DairyCOMP305 Somatic Cell Count: Level 2 Course

Course Instructor
Riki Sorge, DMV, MSc, PhD

There are many Somatic Cell Count (SCC) reports options available to users
of DairyCOMP 305. Evaluating SCC data is an excellent approach to assessing
the milk quality and mastitis control program of a dairy herd. Throughout
this course, you will be able to practice creating SCC reports using a DEMO
version of the DairyCOMP 305 software program. This Level 2 online course
has been designed to increase your ability to create DC305 reports using SCC
data provided by a Dairy Herd Improvement Association (DHIA) and downloaded
into a DC305 cowfile.

Individual Cow Somatic Cell Count (SCC) data is one of many reasons that
dairy producers schedule monthly herd testing with their DHI organization.
SCC data provides a dairy producer with information on the infection status
each individual cow and also information on the level of subclinical
mastitis in the entire population (herd). In addition, routine monthly
testing programs also provides information on changes in cow and herd status
from month to month which can be used to describe the dynamics of mastitis
(udder infections) in the herd. Even though this is a course designed to
improve your DC305 skills, to make logical management decisions using
individual cow SCC data, you will need to have at least a basic
understanding of the biology of somatic cells found in the milk. Because of
this, we have included some modules in this course that will discuss the
basic biology of milk SCC's.

This is a 4 week on-line training course with 4 units. Each unit requires 5
to 8 hours for students to complete. Students are graded based on on-line
quiz performance. Students that successfully complete Course 1 are eligible
to receive four CE credits from the University of Minnesota or four CEUs
from ARPAS.

START DATE: June 3, 2013 (Registration closes May 20, 2013)
END DATE: July 1, 2013

Registration Fees

On-line - $120

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