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Mather Lecture Series:
Mather Lecture 2012: The Role of Multislice CT in Difficult Medical CasesDan Feeney and Chris Ober
Mather Lecture 2010: Radiographic Approach to the Vomiting Small Animal Patient Dan Feeney
Mather Lecture 2009: Making AVID (Advanced Veterinary Imaging Direct) Work For You 
Mather Lecture 2007: Introduction to SA MRITravis Saveraid
 Handouts:Indications for CT and MRI  
  Introduction to MRI Lecture Notes  
Mather Lecture 2007: MRI and Anesthesia - A Challenging Environment Ron Mandsager
Mather Lecture 2006: An Approach to the Acute Small Animal ThoraxDan Feeney
Mather Lecture 2006: Radiography of the Acute AbdomenKari Anderson
Mather Lecture 2006: Practice Relevant Digital RadiographyDan Feeney, Travis Saveraid
CE Presentations:
Caffeinated Conversations: 1H-Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of the Normal Canine Brain
Chris Warrington
Intern Resident Rounds: An Approach to Small Animal Thoracic Radiography: Acute ThoraxDan Feeney
WSAVA 2011 - Imaging Approach to the Small Animal Acute AbdomenDan Feeney
WSAVA 2011 - An Approach to Small Animal Thoracic Radiography: Acute Thorax
Dan Feeney
WSAVA 2011- Imaging Approach to the Vomiting Small Animal PatientDan Feeney
Veterinary Radiotherapy Dan Feeney
Introduction to Computed Tomography (CT) & Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)Dan Feeney
Caffeinated Conversations - Applicability of Medical Imaging to Physiologic Processes Dan Feeney
DIGRAD 2008 - Digital Image ViewingKari Anderson
DIGRAD 2008 - Digital Radiography: Storage & Sharing Dan Feeney
DIGRAD 2008 - Digital Radiography: Pitfalls & Artifacts Dan Feeney
MVMA 2008 - CoughingDan Feeney
MVMA 2008 - Hepatobiliary ImagingLaura Crews
MVMA 2008 - Medical Imaging in the Difficult Lameness Laura Ziegler
2008 - Emergency Imaging ConsiderationsDan Feeney
MVMA 2007 - Canine Blastomycosis in MinnesotaLaura Crews
ENDOCRINOLOGY SERIES: Imaging Canine & Feline Thyroid/Parathyroid Glands Travis Saveraid

SCAVMA 2006 - Computed Tomography What you Really Need to KnowDan Feeney
SCAVMA 2006 - Equine Bone ScintigraphyKari Anderson
IVECCS 2006 - U.S. PrinciplesDan Feeney
IVECCS 2006 - U.S. AnatomyDan Feeney
IVECCS 2006 - U.S. General AbdomenDan Feeney
IVECCS 2006 - Abdominal DistensionDan Feeney
IVECCS 2006 - HematuriaDan Feeney
IVECCS 2006 - VomitingDan Feeney
GI Symposium 2006 - Practical Alimentary ImagingDan Feeney
GI Symposium 2006 - Ultrasound of the GI TractKari Anderson
GI Symposium 2006 - Ultrasound of the Liver and PancreasKari Anderson
Grand Rounds Presentations:
Grand Rounds 2014: Imaging of Acute Spinal LesionsFrédéric David
Grand Rounds: 2013: Relevance of Signal Intensity in MR & USDan Feeney
Grand Rounds 2013: CT: Beyond the Nodule CheckKari Anderson
Grand Rounds 2012: Liver Imaging Dilemma: Contribution from UltrasoundDan Feeney
Grand Rounds 2011: The Diffuse Disease Dilemma: Contribution from Imaging
Dan Feeney
Grand Rounds 2011: MR Diffusion Weighted Imaging Tabitha Fletcher
Grand Rounds 2011: MR SpectroscopyChris Warrington
Grand Rounds 2010: "New" Application in MRI: MR SpectChris Warrington
Grand Rounds 2009: The Efficient Diagnostic HorizonDan Feeney
Grand Rounds 2008: Does That Cat Have a Linear Foreign Body?Sarah Tibbs
Grand Rounds 2007: Opportunities in 3T MRI at the CVM Travis Saveraid
Grand Rounds 2007: LINAC-based RadiotherapyDan Feeney; Laura Ziegler
Grand Rounds 2006: Ureteral EctopiaTsuyoshi Murakami
Grand Rounds 2005: Echocardiography in I131 Treatment of Hyperthyroid CatsDan Feeney


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