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PACS Information Sheets

Informational Sheets on how to Utilize the Carestream PACS System:


Website Addresses: (Main Server)
Website Address: (backup server)
Change Password Link:
* To install the Carestream Client on your personal computer please see the following instructions. Please note that it will be a slow process to both download/install the application as well as the view images once installed.
** In order to utilize the PACS System from OFF Campus you MUST establish a VPN connection with the University' network. To do so you will need to obtain and install the VPN tool on your computer. This option is available for all University Faculty, Staff & Students with a valid x-500 number. To obtain the VPN tool, please visit the ADCS website

Carestream Client:

Carestream Client - the Presentation [html/flash]

Carestream Client Toolbar Buttons [.pdf] 
Personalizing your Carestream Client Experience [.pdf]
Creating Personal Folders in the Carestream Client [.pdf]

Using the Carestream Client to save JPEG/BMP Images [.pdf] [v11.1.3]
Using the Carestream Client to save .AVI files [.pdf]

* Did you know that you can ctrl+c / ctrl-v images from the Carestream Client into various programs such as Outlook, Powerpoint, Excel, Word, etc.


Notice of Privacy Practices