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Recent Publications

Abu J, Wunschmann A, Redig PT, Feeney DA: Management of a cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma in an American flamingo.  J Avain Med surg 2009:23:44-48.

Bahr KL, Sharkey LC, Murakami T and Feeney DA: Accuracy of ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration of focal liver lesions in dogs: 140 cases (2005-2008).  J Am Anim Hosp Assoc 2013;49:190-196.

Bentley RT, Ober CP, Anderson KL, Feeney DA, Naughton JF, Ohlfest JR, O’Sullivan MG, Miller MA, Constable PD, Pluhar GE:  Canine intracranial gliomas: relationship between magnetic resonance imaging criteria and tumor type and grade.  The Vet J, In Press, 2013 [early view on-line]

Boes K, Zimmerman K, Saunders G, O’Rourke L, Durrett N, Ober C, Lambrechts N, and Miller J. What is your diagnosis? Shoulder mass in a dog with lameness. Vet Clin Pathol 2009, 38(4): 511-515.

Bolt D, Read R, Weller R, Sinclair C, David FH: Standing low-field magnetic resonance imaging of a comminuted central tarsal bone fracture in a horse. Equine Vet Educ. Available in Early view March 12, 2013.

Ciasca T, David FH, Lamb CR: Does measurement of small intestinal diameter increase diagnostic accuracy of radiography in dogs with suspected intestinal obstruction? Vet Radiol and Ultrasound 2013: 54; 207-211.

Crews LJ, Sharkey LC, Feeney DA and Jessen CR: Evaluation of the calcium status in dogs with blastomycosis.  J Am Vet Med Assoc 231:1545-1549, 2007

Crews LJ, Feeney DA, Jessen CR and Newman AB: Radiographic findings in dogs with pulmonary blastomycosis: 125 cases (1989-2006).  J Am Vet Med Assoc 232:215-221, 2008.

Crews LJ, Feeney DA, Jessen CR, Newman AB and Sharkey LC: Utility of diagnostic tests for and treatment of pulmonary blastomycosis in dogs 125 cases (1989-2007).  J Am Vet Med Assoc 232:222-227, 2008.

Crews LJ, Feeney DA, Jessen, CR, Rose ND and Matise I: Clinical, ultrasonographic and laboratory findings associated with gall bladder disease and rupture: 45 cases (1997-2007).  J Am Vet Med Assoc 2009;234:359-366.

David FH, Grierson J, Lamb CR: Reducing susceptibility artefacts in magnetic resonance images of the canine stifle following surgery for cranial cruciate ligament deficiency. Vet Comp Orthop Traumatol 2012: 14; 488-497.

Feeney DA, Anderson KL, Ziegler LE, Jessen CR, Daubs BM & Hardy RM: The statistical relevance of ultrasonographic criteria in the assessment of diffuse canine and feline liver disease.  Am J Vet Res 2008;69:212-221.

Feeney DA, Jessen, CR and Weichselbaum RC: Paired pre and post treatment  serum biochemical parameters and thyroxine concentrations in a cohort of 97 radioiodine-treated hyperthyroid cats.  Int J Applied Res 2011; 9:40-51. 

Feeney DA, Sharkey, LC, Steward S, Bahr LK, Henson MS, It, D, O’Brien TD, Jessen CR, Husbands BD, Borgatti A, and Modiano J Parenchymal organ signal intensity in 3T body MRI of canine hematopoetic neoplasia.  Comp Med 2013;63:174-182.

Feeney DA, Ober CP, Snyder LA, Hill SA, Jessen CR: Ultrasound criteria and guided fine-needle aspiration diagnostic yields in small animal mesenteric and omental disease.  Vet Radiol & Ultrasound (early view 6/13/13 DOI: 10.1111/vry 12065). 

Feeney DA, Sharkey LC, Steward S, Bahr LK, Henson MS, It, D, O’Brien TD, Jessen CR, Husbands BD, Borgatti A, and Modiano J: Applicability of 3T MRI for canine bone marrow involvement of hematopoietic neoplasia in a spontaneous canine model.  J Vet Int Med 27:1165-1171, 2013.

Holroyd K, Dixon JJ, Mair T, Bolas N, Bolt DM, David FH, Weller R: Variation in foot conformation in lame horses with different foot lesions. Vet J 2013:195 (3); 361-365.

Keenihan EK, Summers BA, David FH, Lamb CR: Canine meningeal disease: associations between magnetic resonance imaging signs and histologic findings. Vet Radiol and Ultrasound 2013: 54; 504-515.

Lamb CR, David FH: Advanced imaging: Use and misuse. Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 2012:14; 483-497.

Murakami T, Feeney DA, Bahr K: The prediction of the malignant versus benign etiologies of canine sonographically-detected focal liver lesions: analysis of clinical and sonographic data using logistic regression models. Am J Vet Res 73:821-829, 2012.

Murakami T, Feeney DA, Willey J and Carlin BP.: Canine thoracolumbar intervertebral disc herniation site localization accuracy: analysis of neurologic and survey radiographic data using logistic regression models.  [Accepted for publication in Am J Vet Res 10/10/13].

Ober CP and Freeman LE. Computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and cross-sectional anatomy of the manus in cadavers of dogs without forelimb disease. Am J Vet Res 2009, 70(12): 1450-1458.

Ober CP, Jones JC, Larson MM, and Lanz OI. Computed tomographic and cross- sectional anatomic characterization of myofascial compartments and soft tissue spaces in the manus in cadavers of dogs without forelimb disease. Am J Vet Res 2010, 71(2): 138-149.

Ober CP, Jones JC, Larson MM, Lanz OI, and Werre SR. Modeling of the spread of infection in the interdigital spaces of the manus in limbs from clinically normal dogs. Am J Vet Res 2010, 71(3): 268-274.

Ober CP and Freeman LE. Computed tomographic, magnetic resonance imaging, and cross-sectional anatomic features of the manus in a normal American black bear (Ursus americanus). Anat Histol Embryol 2010, 39(3): 233-242.

Ober CP, Warrington CD, Feeney DA, Jessen CR, Steward S: Technical considerations for 1H-magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the canine brain at 3T.  Vet Radiol Ultrasound 2013;54:149-158.

Ragetly G, David FH, Ragetly D: L’imagerie au service du diagnostic lors de hernie discale. Accepted Le Point Veterinaire (article in French).

Schafgans KE, Armstrong PJ, Kramek B, and Ober CP. Bilateral choanal atresia in a cat. J Feline Med and Surg 2012, 14(10): 759-763.

Seaman JA, Pluhar GE, Rose ND, Weinstein J, Guo H, and Anderson KL. Evaluation of scintigraphy to assess incorporation of intercalary cortical bone grafts in sheep.  Am J Vet Res 70:1079-1086, 2009

Warrington CD, Feeney DA, Ober CP, Jessen CR, Steward S, Armien A, Fletcher TF: Relative metabolite concentrations and ratios determined by use of 3-T region-specific proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the brain of healthy beagles.  Am J Vet Res 243:1291-1303, 2013

Wucherer KL, Ober CP, and Conzemius MG. The use of delayed gadolinium enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of cartilage and T2 mapping to evaluate articular cartilage in the normal canine elbow. Vet Radiol Ultrasound 2012, 53(1): 57-63.

Yoon JH, Feeney DA, Jessen CR and Walter PA: External-beam Co-60 radiotherapy for canine nasal tumors; a comparison of survival by treatment protocol.  Res Vet Sci 84:140-149, 2008.

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