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Spring 2011: CVM 6102 Course Materials

Didactic Lectures:
The following lectures have been turned from powerpoint into web ready media.
Some of the following notes are in .pdf format. If you do not have adobe acrobat installed on your computer, please click here to download it. [Click to Download]
Please read the following information regarding proper use of the presentation files. [Click]
Feeney, Daniel - Lectures  
  Small Animal Thoracic Radiography [Breeze] [.pdf file]
  Small Animal Thoracic Radiography: Emphasis on Acute Thorax [Breeze] [.pdf file]
  Thoracic Imaging Review [Breeze] [.pdf file]
  Intro to Digital Radiography, CT & MRI [Breeze] [.pdf file]
  Introduction to CT & MRI [Breeze] [.pdf file]
  Intro to Ultrasound [Breeze] [.pdf file]
  Contrast Media [Breeze] [.pdf file]
Ober, Chris - Lectures  
  01. Basic Physics [Breeze] [.pdf file]
  02. Film & Processing [Breeze] [.pdf file]
  03. Images & Quality [Breeze] [.pdf file]
  04. Artifacts [Breeze] [.pdf file]
  05. Radiation Safety [Breeze] [.pdf file]
  19 & 20. Upper Urinary Tract Imaging [Breeze] [.pdf file]
  20 & 21. Lower Urinary Tract Imaging [Breeze] [.pdf file]
  22. Female Genital Tract Imaging [Breeze] [.pdf file]
23. Male Genital Tract Imaging [Breeze] [.pdf file]




Laboratory Materials:
Note on optimal viewing.
  • To best simulate real viewing conditions these images are best viewed in a darkened room.
  • The images will be presented on a black background.
  • It will take a few minutes for your eyes to adjust to the lower light level.
  • Maximum screen area can be obtained using Microsoft Internet Explorer. The <F11> key toggles between "Full Screen" and "Normal" display. The "Full screen" mode removes the menu bar, status bar and other components to provide maximum viewing area.
  • The pages are designed for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768.
Artifacts lab [Ober]
CR Artifacts [Saveraid] (Breeze Presentation)
Obstructed Airway Video [Feeney] (Flash format)
Digital Thorax Cases [Feeney] (.pdf format)
Small Animal Thoracic Radiography: Laboratory Refresher       [Breeze] [.pdf file]

Thorax Cases

List of Thorax Materials (.pdf)

Urogenital Tract Lab

Course Materials prior to 2008
Small Animal Thorax
Small Animal Abdomen/Urogenital Tract


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