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6104 Radiology Student Course

 The following lectures have been turned from powerpoint into web ready media. The Breeze format requires the Flash player to be installed on your computer. Inthe unlikely event it is not - you will be provided instructions on how to obtain and install it.
Some of the following notes are in .pdf format. If you do not have adobe acrobat installed on your computer, please click here to download it. [Click to Download]
Please read the following information regarding proper use of the presentation files. [Click]
Also, due to the image content, many of these files are very large. Be patient!
(A dial-up connection is not recommended.)
2009 Lecture Materials: 
  Contrast Media  [Tibbs] Breeze Format .pdf notes
  Urogenital - IVU, Cystorgraphy [Anderson] Breeze Format .pdf notes
  Urogenital - Urethrography, Vaginography [Anderson] Breeze Format .pdf notes
  GI Procedures - Intro Esophagography [Anderson] Breeze Format .pdf notes
  GI Procedures - UGI [Anderson] Breeze Format .pdf notes
  GI Procedures - Colon [Anderson] Breeze Format .pdf notes
  Arthrography and Fistulography [Feeney] Breeze Format .pdf notes
  Vascular Radiography [Feeney] Breeze Format .pdf notes
  Myelography [Feeney] Breeze Fotmat .pdf notes
  GI Special Procedures, notes [.pdf] [Anderson]
Videos (Flash format)
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