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Student Information

DVM Didactic Courses [Lecture & Laboratory Materials]:
 Fall Courses
 CVM 6103: Veterinary Imaging II
 CVM 6903: Anatomy I: Carnivore Radiographic Anatomy
DVM Didactic Courses [Lecture & Laboratory Materials]:
 Spring Courses
 CVM 6105: Small Animal Ultrasound
 CVM 6908: Anatomy II: Ungulate Radiographic Anatomy
 CVM 6935: Veterinary Imaging I
DVM Didactic Courses [Lecture & Laboratory Materials] - before Fall 2014:
 CVM 6101: Anatomy and Imaging
 CVM 6102: Cardiopulmonary and Urogenital Disorders
 CVM 6103: Alimentary and Musculoskeletal Disorders
 CVM 6104: Special Radiographic Procedures
 CVM 6105: Small Animal Ultrasonography
 CVM 6754: Advanced Equine Practice
DVM Clinical Rotation Materials:
 CVM 6651: Small Animal Ultrasound Clinical Rotation
 CVM 6668: Small Animal Radiology Clinical Rotation
 CVM 6669: Mixed Animal Radiology Clinical Rotation
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