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Devon & Peanut

Devon and Peanut

A history of help for the old and the young
Our story with the U of M Veterinary Client has two parts.

Devon our older gentleman
We have lived in Roseville MN for the last four years. Those years have been filled with a focus on our domestic family members. We first moved to Roseville, from Phoenix, with a 23 year old cat. We had lost his sister earlier in the year and were very nervous about finding the right care in a new town. We found a great local vet at St Francis animal hospital. We were blessed twice and found the University of Minnesota, VMC for all of his special needs and emergency visit. The entire staff was amazing and we knew we had found the right care in a new town. We lost our Devon about a year later at the age of 24, but we had peace in knowing you had only the best care.

Peanut our new addition
After a few months we decided to add to our family. We fell in love with a rescue dog from Safe Hands Rescue. We meet our little boy shortly after his trip from a shelter down south. He was a tinny, but had been well taken care of by his foster mom (and our lifelong friend). At about 8 months old it was discovered that he would need to have surgery on his knees to address patella luxations on both knees. Peanut had already been to the University of Minnesota, VMC for a few emergency room visits (mom and dad tend to worry) – so we headed back to talk about his knees. Dr. Brian Martin was great and gave us all the information we needed. Peanut’s surgery was a great success, but our story does not stop there. We were shortly introduced to Kim Barrett and the amazing rehab team. The rehab experience allowed us to gain a greater view of the scope of work and the amazing teaching efforts that occur every day. We had the opportunity to work with countless students during our rehab experience and were amazed to see their level of professionalism.

Peanut is as fast as every with his ‘new’ knees. We are truly grateful for all the great work done at the University of Minnesota, VMC and more importantly for the future graduates being influenced by the remarkable people we have encountered. We will proudly continue to rely on and support the University of Minnesota, VMC.

A couple of links to Peanut on You Tube during his rehab;
- at home gym
- with Kim Barrett and the Rehab team

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