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In early 2005, my 7 month old dog, Libby, had an intestinal blockage. She had surgery at the local emergency clinic. A few days later, she had seepage from her incision. A return to the e-vet found intestinal leakage and a septic abdomen. I was given the option of surgery there, wait until morning (it was almost midnight) and have my regular vet do the surgery, or taking her to the U. I opted for the e-vet to do it. Her response was that if it were her dog, she would be on her way to the U.


So that is what I did. Upon arrival there, she was taken back and examined. The vet came out and laid it out for me. He told me that her chances were 50/50. I slept on the chairs in the lobby (they are NOT very comfortable) and around 6AM they came out and said that she was done and was doing OK. She spent 3 days in ICU, wearing a cone and with a bunch of tubes in her before coming home. We started doing agility and it has been a wonderful life ever since. Attached are three pictures of Libby (short for Liberty, she was born July 5) doing agility.

- Jim

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