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How do I thank the U of M for eye sight? What is vision worth? Well to our family and dog, eye sight meant the world of dark shadows is now gone. Snoopy is our 7 year old Cavalier who is not just a dog but part of our family.

When Snoopy received a diagnosis of diabetes we were sad but have learned to deal with all that comes with diabetes. Then his eye sight was going quickly when our home vet said that the cataracts can be removed and his eyesight restored. Wow! What a miracle! So, to make a long journey short, Snoopy can once again run, chase cats, birds and be a normal dog. The words "Thank You" seem so small but from all of us we are grateful for his eye sight and days spent chasing the wind!! Thank you! You made a difference in Snoopy's quality of life.

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