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Genetic Counseling


Molecular genetic testing and counseling for a variety of diseases, including some of the progressive retinal atrophies, some breeds with Von Willebrand?s disease, cystinuria in Newfoundlands, Cooper toxicosis in Bedlington terriers, PFK and PK deficiency in a number of dog breeds and in Abyssinian and Somali cats

Treatment recommendations for genetic disorders

DNA banking for dogs with suspected and known genetic disorders and follow-up participation in research projects at the University and other research institutions when applicable (current projects include studies of the genetics of epilepsy in all breeds, exercise-induced collapse in Labrador retrievers, and anesthetic-induced malignant hyperthermia)

Breeding recommendations, including calculation of inbreeding coefficients

Free telephone consultations to referring veterinarians

Speaker for breed and kennel clubs regarding genetic counseling, molecular genetic tests, and specific
concerns in their breed.

Useful information

  • Services are limited to dogs and cats.
  • Appointments, including a physical exam and recommendations, are one hour long.
  • Consultations are 30 minutes long.
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