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Special Procedure: Fluoroscopy

Your pet is scheduled to have a special procedure. This information sheet will give you an idea of what is involved in the procedure and what to expect.

What is fluoroscopy?

Fluoroscopy is a real-time radiographic procedure. Low dose, continual x-rays are transmitted through the body onto a fluorescent screen to generate a short dynamic movie-like study.

Why has fluoroscopy been recommended?

Fluoroscopy is beneficial in evaluating moving structures and is most commonly used in cats and dogs to evaluate the respiratory system (trachea, bronchi, larynx, pharynx and diaphragm) and movements with phase of respiration. Fluoroscopy is also used to evaluate movement of certain joints and other organ systems that move.

Are there any known complications from fluoroscopy?

Fluoroscopy is a safe procedure, but it does utilize ionizing radiation (like an x-ray).

How should I prepare my pet for fluoroscopy?

No special preparation is needed. Normal meals may be provided unless other procedures or tests are planned the day of your pet's visit.

What should I bring to the appointment?

We will ask your veterinarian to fax us a copy of the medical record so that you do not need to be responsible. However, if your veterinarian has any x-rays that they are unable to mail to us in time for the appointment, we ask that you please bring those to the appointment.

What happens to my pet after the procedure?

Your pet will be hospitalized in our wards following the study. Your pet will be able to be discharged between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. You will be notified as to when you may pick up your pet.

How will I learn the results of the fluoroscopy?

The radiologist who performed your pet's procedure will complete a report which will be faxed to your veterinarian. Your veterinarian will call you with the results of this procedure.


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