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Parking at the Veterinary Medical Center

Address : 1365 Gortner Ave, St Paul, Minnesota 55108

Phone number for directions : (612) 624-1270
Phone number of AVID : (612) 624-9583
Phone number of VMC Call Center : (612) 626-8387


General Parking

  • Parking is free to clients of the Veterinary Medical Center in parking lots north of the Small Animal Hospital.
  • You need a parking permit to park in these lots. A permit will be provided to you when you check in at the reception desk.

Alternate Parking

  • If these lots are full when you arrive, you may park in the Gortner Avenue Ramp, approximately 1 block north of the Veterinary Medical Center on Gortner Avenue. Please bring your parking ticket to our cashier or front desk staff for validation.
  • Because of the demand for parking spaces on the St. Paul campus, we ask our clients to use the complimentary parking spots only when they have an animal in our care. Our lots are patrolled and vehicles found in violation of parking regulations will be ticketed and/or towed at the owners' expense.

Small Animal Hospital Parking Map

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