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Rob Porter Receives President's Award

Dr. Rob Porter, Clinical Professor in the Veterinary Population Medicine Department and pathologist in the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, was given the prestigious Minnesota Turkey Growers Association President's Award for his outstanding contribution to the Turkey Cellulitis (Clostridial Dermatitis) Gold Medal research panel.  This panel put together a nationally recognized symposium on disease description, causes, prevention and future research direction to combat this economically significant disease process. For more details please see news release from MTGA.





Scott Dee, Satoshi Otake and Andrea Pitkin Compile PRRSV Biosecurity Protocols

Dr. Scott Dee, Professor, Dr. Satoshi Otake, Post-Doc Associate, and Andrea Pitkin, BS, MS, have compiled the Biosecurity Protocols for the Prevention and Spread of PRRSV. Development of this manual was funded in part through a grant from the AASV Foundation.



Pelican and Singer Named Resident Fellows with Institute on the Environment

Katey Pelican, assistant professor, Veterinary Population Medicine, and Randall Singer, associate professor, Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, have been named resident fellows with the Institute on the Environment. As resident fellows, Pelican and Singer will receive flexible funding to engage in creative research and problem solving, to develop new models of teaching and training, and to build new networks and partnerships. In addition, the fellows will take part in leadership development activities, along with ongoing seminars, roundtables and other public engagement efforts. 

Pelican and Singer are members of the institute's first cohort of 20 resident fellows. Their three-year fellowships will begin in June.

"This cohort of fellows is an amazing, eclectic group of thinkers and doers. They were drawn from the best and brightest of the University, selected for their creativity and willingness to try new ideas," says institute director Jonathan Foley, Ph.D



Shaun Kennedy Presents FDA Distinguished Lecture

Shaun Kennedy, director of the National Center for Food Protection and Defense, assistant professor in the Veterinary Population Medicine department, and director of partnerships and external relations for the College, was the inaugural speaker for the 2009 Distinguished Lecture Series at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Wednesday, February 25. The Distinguished Lecture Series was established to bring in leading scientists who are conducting pioneering research in areas relevant to the FDA’s core mission of promoting and protecting public health, to support the science-based regulatory decision-making process. The seminar was presented at the White Oak campus of the FDA in Silver Spring, Maryland. 



Katey Pelican, Craig Packer Awarded Discovery Grant

The Whole Village Project works to provide an in-depth understanding of the health, prosperity, education, and natural resource consumption of rural Tanzanians in East Africa. This information is made available to the villagers, economic development and government agencies, and conservation NGOs, serving as a common language that allows communities to more easily collaborate and share best practices. The Whole Village Project team will work with the Institute to map land-use patterns of the region, focusing on the intersection of rural livelihoods, land use practices, agriculture and food security. A parallel track focused on food safety and security will promote sustainable agriculture, as well as health research and extension, in Tanzania.

The announcement of the grant awardees followed a competitive selection process. Approximately 25 teams of University faculty members and external partners submitted proposals for funding. The funds will be awarded beginning in July. 

For more information, go to http://environment.umn.edu/newsroom/newspages2009/discoverygrants02032009.html



Tom Molitor Appointed Chair

Dean Trevor Ames has appointed Dr. Tom Molitor as chair of the Veterinary Population Medicine department.

"The search committee’s strong recommendation supports my own personal belief that Dr. Molitor is a well-qualified and highly capable of performing the duties of department chair," Ames says. "I look forward to working with Dr. Molitor in his new role."

Molitor earned his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in 1983 and became a research associate in the College's Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences. In 1985, he was a visiting scientist in the Department of Human Genetics at Yale University, and in 1986, he returned to the University of Minnesota as assistant professor in the Department of Microbiology. He was promoted to associate professor in the College's Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences in 1990 and full professor in the Department of Clinical and Population Sciences in 1994.




VPM Faculty Molitor Tom

Molitor was chair of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee from 1999-2008, director of graduate studies from 2001-2005, and has been director of the Psychoneuroimmunology Training Program since 1998. In 2007, he received the University's Award for Outstanding Contributions to Post baccalaureate, Graduate, and Professional Education. His research interests include molecular mechanisms in the pathogenesis of viral diseases, host defense responses, and immunity and addictive drugs. In addition to his administrative role as department chair, Molitor will continue to have an active teaching and research appointment.


Dr. Mike Murphy Serves on AVMA Judicial Council

Dr. Mike Murphy, Professor, Veterinary Population Medicine, and toxicologist in the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, serves on the American Veterinary Medical Association's Judiciary Council. The council's mission is to investigate allegations of unethical conduct and take action regarding the discipline or dismissal of members, advise on questions of veterinary medical ethics and interpretation of the AVMA bylaws, and investigate general professional conditions and matters pertaining to the relations of veterinarians to one another and to the public.


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